Upcoming Events and Classes

Beyond Placeholders: Titling Poems in Ways that Work (March 5th, 2022, 9-12 pm CST on Zoom)

Sign-ups will soon be live. Visit the Loft Literary Center‘s page to sign up. 

At its best, a poem’s title can do “heavy lifting” and “pull its weight,” creating depth and tension before the poem even begins. Often, however, it can be hard for poets to think of a title at all. Sometimes, our working titles feel like stand-ins. What strategies can you use to transform a “placeholder” title into a “placecard” title, a title that sets the table and beckons the reader to sit down and begin the poem? This interactive, discussion-based session will provide writers with a number of strategies for generating provocative, compelling titles. We will conduct close readings of existing poems by a group of poets diverse in both identity and aesthetic, and we’ll workshop titles for our own works-in-progress in real time. We will study how picking the best title for any new piece relies on the poem’s individual logic and larger goals. We will also spend a bit of time studying the art of building a table of contents, title-by-title, thinking of poem titles in the context of their places within full-length collections. Each participant will be asked to bring two of their poems-in-progress, working titles removed, to be considered in workshop with the rest of the group.

The Poetic Line (January 22nd, 2022, 10:00-11:30 am CST on Zoom)

Visit the Nebraska Poetry Society‘s website to sign up. 

As artists, our most foundational tools can be the ones most difficult to use. Case in point: the poetic line. Together, we will conduct experiments in poetic lineation to determine the range of powerful ways lineation changes a poem. This interactive, anti-racist craft session is designed for poets of all skill levels, experiences, and poetic goals.

I am available for remote teaching, poetry readings, and collaborative performances. Want to book something? Contact me!

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