Teaching, Editing, and Coaching

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Writing Coaching

Writing coaching involves working one-on-one to improve your writing, produce or polish a book manuscript, or simply bring an idea to fruition. I tailor my coaching to your unique needs. Everyone is a little bit different:

  • Struggling with an overwhelming writing project?
  • Jumping back in after taking a break from writing and need some support?
  • Hoping to get some feedback on your writing?
  • Attempting to tackle writer’s block?
  • Trying to compile and polish a book or chapbook manuscript?
  • Applying to MFA programs, but you’re not sure where to start?

I can use my decade of experience motivating and coaching writers to help you strengthen your writing skills, connect with audiences, and move forward on the road to getting your writing into the world. Contact me to start the conversation. 


I’ve edited more than twenty book manuscripts including poetry collections, memoirs, and creative nonfiction essay collections. I also help entrepreneurs polish books that support their businesses and drive customer engagement in the personal finance, self-help, arts & crafts, and life coaching industries.

  • Do you need another set of eyes on your writing?
  • Have some ideas for your blog, but need some help polishing them?
  • Want to produce a manuscript that is free of errors?
  • Are you trying to figure out if you’re ready to send your book manuscript to publishers?

If you’re interested in connecting with a developmental editor (someone who helps you get the unfinished book from 60% or 80% completion to the finish line), I do that as well.

If I don’t do the kind of editing you’re looking for, I will connect you with a trusted professional who does. Contact me to see how we might collaborate.


I teach large and small groups of students online and in-person. I also teach writers one-on-one—kind of like an independent study—who want to strengthen particular subject or technique areas, for instance, learning how to write book reviews or political poetry.

I adjust my teaching approach and curriculum design to suit your needs:

  • Looking for a creative writing workshop facilitator?
  • Interesting in bringing a guest instructor to your group or institution?
  • Curious about what one-on-one teaching could look like?
  • Want to infuse creative writing into your existing programming?

I am certified Remote Teach Ready through Florida International University.

My teaching style is interactive, discussion-oriented, and affirming. I want to support my students in taking creative risks so they can meet their writing goals. Here’s some feedback I’ve received from recent students:

“Very friendly and accepting. Allows for freedom of expression and self development.”

“Overall, her class was a highlight of my spring semester and I recommend her to everyone who decides to take this class.”

“Her love and knowledge of the subject was evident throughout the course.”

“She was exceptionally welcoming to all ideas and made it a comfortable judge free environment.”

Want to discuss a teaching opportunity? Contact me.

How I Work

My work style is collaborative, flexible, friendly, non-judgmental, and goal-oriented. I have an MFA in poetry from Florida International University, and I teach creative writing at the university level.

The amount I charge depends on the project, but I do use a sliding scale so that my services are accessible to a range of writers.

Whether or not our creative work discusses our experiences explicitly, issues related to race, gender identity, sexuality, survivor status, disability, immigration status, class, formal educational attainment, religion, and experiences with English and other languages inevitably factor into our approach to our writing. I make every effort to honor the identities of each writer I work with, whether or not they disclose these identities to me.

In short, I want to help you tell your story in a way that affirms your life, experiences, and goals.

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