Links & Politics: July 2018 Edition

Well, many of us are waiting for tomorrow with…bated breath?…to hear 45’s new Supreme Court nominee. It sound like it’s going to be a decision between bad, terrible, and horrifying.

You may have seen Ms. Magazine‘s newly-revived “Daring to Remember” series to which people are submitting their stories of what it was like to have an abortion as an American pre-Roe v. Wade. Reading some of these stories, we are reminded of what we could, seemingly easily, return to.

I am also publishing—albeit on a much smaller scale—a compilation of resistance. If you’re a poet of what Martin Espada has called “the political imagination,” and if you see this before July 15th, 2018, I hope that you’ll consider submitting a few poems to our call for submissions on the theme of “shelter.”

Here are a few other random things that have caught my eye this month:

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