Links I Like: August 2018 Edition

I’ve been having conversations recently about voice and audience, social media and readership, work and attention.

As writers, how do we find good homes for our writing? Is a platform “better” if there are more readers? Is it wrong to want additional readers? What about the moral issues we have with social media? We’re “supposed to” use these tools to encourage our “careers.”

Does a writer need social media? How artificial is the validation one finds there? Is it wrong to want to promote my writing on Facebook when I have major issues with how data is collected, mined, and manipulated?

Marge Piercy’s poem “For the young who want to” has been taped to my fridge for a few years (in a few different homes!). “Work is its own cure,” she writes. “You have to/like it better than being loved.”

So I know that these questions about audience aren’t new. Writers have always put energy into finding the readers who get what we are trying to do. Social media simply represent another dimension.

On that note (and because I’m trying to get 100 rejection letters this year), I thought I’d focus this post on publishing opportunities. Publishing is one of the ways that a writer “finds” her “audience”:

Where and how do you find places to publish your poems? What do you think of questions related to readership and audience? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

CC photo courtesy of Anthony Albright on Flickr.

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