What I’ve Written During the Pandemic

I hope everyone reading this is faring as well as can be expected during this extraordinary time. What I keep returning to in my mind is a desire to focus on gratitude that we have writing and reading as tools.

I want to share a few of my recent publications related to the pandemic with the hope that these will inspire you to write about this time, also.

I know that many writers are having a hard time getting work done for a variety of reasons, so I’ve been obsessed with flash and micro forms as a “doable” way of getting some writing done while handling all of 2020’s extra responsibilities and anxieties.

And, as you’ll see if you read my guest post at the ALL Blog, writing in a diary can also be a way of keeping the writing impulse aflame.

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

If you feel like taking an online class would be useful way for you to build your writing practice in the coming months, stay tuned for future micro-memoir class offerings. I’m cooking up a course in culinary micro-memoir for November and some more fun stuff for December and into 2021.

And, if you’re interested in working one-on-one with a writing coach, I currently have openings and charge sliding-scale, affordable rates. Ask for more information at my Contact Me page. 

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